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(Polyester Powder Coating)


PPC Coatings are applied to our systems after fabrication. PPC Coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals as well as U.V. rays, making PPC suitable for outdoor exposed applications. The high flexural strength of PPC coatings makes them suitable use on aluminium structures. PPC Coatings provide outstanding impact and abrasion resistance for protection against heavy equipment and abrasive traffic. With a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete, PPC is resistant to cracking and delamination caused by thermal shock. 

PPC Coatings are 100% solids without solvent entrapment after cure, which meet or are well below the maximum VOC emissions requirements. PPC Coatings have zero linear shrinkage.

A cost effective solution PPC coating offers an extensive range of colours and textures with laboratory colour matching available.

Benefits of a PPC Finish
  • High quality uniform finish
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in matt, satin and gloss finish
  • Fine textured option (more durable)
  • Client can replicate a range of different materials such as Corten, Terracotta 
and Stone
  • Extensive range of colours, textures and finishes available
  • Laboratory colour matching available using our PPC finishes

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